**Please wait ~20 seconds until the game finished loading.. I forgot to choose the right WebGL Settings, so there is no loading screen or anything X_X**

Hello fellas,

this is my entry for the 2016 #LOWREZJAM Gamejam.
It is a small adventure game with a horror background. I hope you guys might enjoy it.

Feel free to give me some feedback :) You can reach me via Twitter: @Obvious_San

Graphics, Code and Sound/Music is made by me. I used Unity 5, Photoshop and Audacity.

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Published346 days ago
Tags8-bit, adventure, graveyard, Horror, lowrezjam, Pixel Art


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Nice but short !

Really cool game bro! I'd love to see an extended version

Thanks! :) Maybe I'm coming back to this :D Problem is, there are too many great jams xD

Nice little game.

Poe's lost pet... love the idea.