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Satellite Love is a game, made for the 2016 #AGBIC Jam.

It is a 3D Tower Defense in Space. The Jam-Version is not at all polished or balanced, but I plan to continue developing this game.

Feel free to give me feedback here or via Twitter @Obvious_San


08.08.2016 - Version 0.0.3 Updates:

- Fixed a bug, so later enemies do have more health now.

*08.08.2016* - Jam Version uploaded

Install instructions

The Game is developed using Unity. Just download the Zip File, unpack it and start the exe.


Satellite_Love_JamVersion.zip 53 MB
SatelliteLove0.0.3.zip 53 MB


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The game crashed when I built a wall that covered the entire cube! @-@