"Who Am I?" is a 2D Pixel Platformer with a small narrative about identity.

Made by me (obviously) for the #RainbowJam16 :)



Run: A D
Jump: W
Sprint: A+A || D+D
Teleport: Space

XBox Controller:

Run: Left Analog Stick
Sprint: RB while Running
Jump: A
Teleport: X

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 2d-platformer, 8-Bit, identity, LGBT, rainbowjam


WhoAmiWindowsBuild.zip 46 MB

Install instructions

You can play it via browser (Unity Web GL Build) or you download a standalone build for Windows. (32 Bit Build)


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I'm stuck in te second phase. the description says space teleports, but when I press space the character jumps. is that a problem or am I just dumb? hahaha

Hey :) Try to jump with arrow up and then press space to shoot a teleport projectile. If you hit space a second time then, you should be able to teleport :D

thank you so much!

I really liked the story for as far as I got! But I'm not the best at these games so I kept ending up way far back because I'd miss a lot of jumps XD So I gave up.